Vlog: an updated exoskeleton for my finger.

I’ve completed another version of the 3D printed exoskeleton for my hand project. I took the design of my initial version and improved upon it. I’ve gone from having an about 50% range of motion to now going to about 85%.

I’ve put together another vlog going into a bit more detail about my hand project and what I’ve created to date.

Posted in General on January 22, 2015

The 2015 Quiring Family Christmas Holidays

The Christmas holidays this year were not quite as exciting and adventure packed as they were last year, but it was still nice to spend time with the whole family. I brought my fancy camera along and snapped a few photos.

My sister Anna Quiring and nephew Liam

My sister Anna entertaining little Liam.

Mom and my nephew Liam. Liam received a Captian America suit for Christmas.

Mom and my nephew Liam. Liam is the little super hero in the family.

Liam Screaming

Things got rather exciting Christmas Eve.

Cornelius Quiring doing chin-ups

Perhaps doing some strengthening exercises should be in my New Years resolutions.

Family brunch at my apartment

On one of the final days of the holidays, I had the family over for brunch. Liam them improvised on my longboard.

Posted in General on January 14, 2015

Moving on. Getting rid of the old.

Moving on and getting rid of the remaining Lilyboys shirts

Roughly two years ago about this time I started a t-shirt business. How hard could it be to design some graphics, get the shirts screen printed and then start selling? I like motorcycles so I decided to focus on that market and my boss had a ready to go brand (Lilyboys) that I could use.

Ultimately it failed. It didn’t come from an authentic place. The true passion just wasn’t there. So I gave up. I don’t really wear graphic tees so how could I be passionate enough to sell them?

I’ve held onto the remaining inventory. But over the past few months I’ve been seriously thinking about my future. What do I want? I decided a good place to start was to get rid of the past. So I packed up my remaining gear and brought them to two Value Villages in Toronto.

Posted in Fashion, General on January 4, 2015

Sketches become digital files and this file is off to the printers.

Turning my hand exoskeleton sketches into digital files using Google Sketchup
Posted in My hand project on November 30, 2014

When you’re young, you have no money but all the time


I am slowly evolving this little studio apartment into my oasis. I want quality items but I cannot afford them at retail prices. So I'm using my time to find them used, one at a time.

I've also started grow herbs. Cooking helps bring pleasure into the space.

Posted in General on November 22, 2014

Sketches of an exoskeleton I’m working on

Sketch of right hand exoskeleton
Posted in My hand project on November 19, 2014

Using materials from the world of props

Until now, I have completely overlooked the world of prop making and cosplay. This is a world dedicated to making “modifications” to the makes complete sense for my project. But then this wouldn’t be a journey if I had thought of it right away, right?

Here is my first attempt with mouldable plastic.

Using mouldable plastic for my hand project

Posted in My hand project on October 24, 2014

I am part of a hip hop podcast

The Limelight Lowlifes Podcast by Cubosa Parmigiana, 2Trill Cirill and Cornelius Quiring

My friends and I listen to a lot of hip hop music, devour the culture and like to talk about it, so to feed our healthy levels of narcissism we decided to begin recording these conversations.

You can subscribe in iTunes or listen to the episodes on our website.

Episode guide:

  • Ep 1: Only listen to this one if you really, really love us.
  • Ep 2: This one’s not bad.
  • Ep 3: I recommend you start here. We properly introduce ourselves, the content is great and the editing is promising.
Posted in General on October 5, 2014

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