An exercise in commitment

I’ve long subscribed to the adage that “the first step is the hardest,” but my views on that have shifted slightly. I think steps Two, Three and Four are the really tough ones. When I start anything there is a certain nativity to what will be involved but after getting started, the truth sets in: it will be more work and effort then I had anticipated. Staying committed early is the real challenge.

— — —

I had an hour and a half streetcar ride home so I pulled out my notebook, drew a few lines, squinted at it for a few seconds and then drew a couple more.

God it looked ugly. It resembled a dated nineties barbed wire tattoo. I was ready to give up but the goal was to see this through: sketch until I was home.

I began to fill in the shapes and it started to turn around.

This is by no means a masterpiece, rather an exercise in commitment.

I kinda dig it.

Photo of the illustration I drew in my notebook

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I put in the first bit of furniture: a new desk.

The new table in my new apartment
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I can’t seem to shake my past.

A few years ago, I actively ran a Mennonite Blog sharing my experience growing up. I received a lot of messages which generally fit into one of three categories: a fellow Mennonite bashing me, curious people with random questions or those who are looking to be “saved.” I got another of the later today:

i really wish to renounce the abomination of what america has become today. it is clear to me that if i do not take actions i will go down “pun inteded” with the ship. i am asking how and where is there a mennonite community near south carolina. now i am pretty much a homeless man because if you are not a proud sinner there are no job really in my town. luckily my grandmother is a wonderful christian and has allowed me to house here for a week or two. so i guess what i am truly asking is there any way i can join a community and be saved? i have many wonderful skills i can offer.

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I have moved into my own apartment.

I have moved into my own apartment
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I am selling my BBQing equipment on Craiglslist.

For Sale, BBQ, charcoal grill and 4 patio chairs

By the time Warren Buffet had made it to grade school, his entrepreneurial income surpassed that of his educators but his first real business growth was an early investment into an undervalued company. Acme Corp for our sakes. You’d thinking he saw an opportunity to nurse back to health a limping horse, right? What he saw was a series of fixed assets in the form of manufacturing machinery more valuable parcelled out by piece than a functioning whole business. Employees let go, he went about selling his new company bit by bit.

I run an Acme Corp, a failing entertainment enterprise. My business model consists of purchasing groceries for around 8 – 10 people, spending my day prepping food and then serving in the evening. I throw these affairs every few months during the summer season. Free of charge, I ask good friends to partake in merry making for an evening. This endeavour has been highly lucrative in garnering friendships but economically sapping.

This is your chance to plunder the spoils.

What I ask in exchange for the my companies fixed goods — in the attached photography — is $150 OBO or a decent pedal bicycle.

The apartment I live in is f*cked. In the last few months, not only has my hydro been shot off, today the gas has been disconnected too. (The hydro’s back on.) My landlords identity is so tied up in his $100,000 car, he neglects all his responsibilities. I’ve even discovered this entire building has a severe mould issue. That’s a story for another time.

I need to be out of here by the end of August and I can’t take these things with me to my new lodging, but I’d hate to leave them here for the aforementioned shitty landlord.

What you’re getting is a fairly used BBQ with a brand new grill complete with a new heating element used only twice and an almost full propane tank. It’s like getting Nona a new set of plastic hips, knees and ankles: she’ll be lifting stones again for years. Included is a bonus empty tank with refund value at your local propane retailer.

The charcoal grill was used by me to smoke meat for 8 hrs one Sunday. It’s in great nic but does has a few dings.

4 patio chairs!

So, are you ready to start your entrepreneurial BBQing empire?

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I don’t have to start from scratch.

One of the unanticipated results of sharing my hand project has been advice in all forms or suggestions of who I should reach out to for some help. The later is how I met Dr Jacqueline Hebert. Dr Hebert uses super high-techy stuff at the University of Alberta to make better prosthetics for people with limb amputations.

After some back and forth, what I’ve learnt is that my hand project falls into the category of orthotics and it is considered a splint / brace. She also pointed me to the product pictured below which is pretty close to what I need. This glove is most often used by those who suffer from a stroke or brain injury and lose muscle control.

Exampleof splint I Am Going To Buy

This product confirms my belief that there is virtually no beauty in the world of healthcare ( more on this later ) but I will buy one so that I can reverse engineer it. Why reinvent the wheel, you know?

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Indecent Behaviour

Indecent Behaviour

As captured by: JGT

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