Things keep going: the infinite loop

I put pen to paper and started sketching. Sketching different variations of what Devin had initially designed for me, until I came up with the infinite loop idea.

The original version Devin created.

The original version Devin created.

I’ve been working with Devin for a couple iterations now. I met him through the Toronto Tool Library. The Library is well aware of my hand project — because I’ve printed many iterations there — and from time to time I get a referral from them. After getting his contact details, I got in touch and showed him what I’d worked on. He immediately had ideas and we went from there.

Devin is an engineer with great technical mindset and vision. He took what I’ve created to date and using his wisdom made it both simpler and better. Having him work on the technical side of things has freed up my time to take what he creates and and an element of design. To add my brush strokes and tell the story.

— — —

The core of his initial design was having three prongs following the bone structure of my hand. I drew these on the page and played. Having a tendency to connect and simplify when I design, I realized I could join the whole device with one line. Hence, the infinite loop.

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Coyote Flaco Season

Last month I had the chance to speak at a wearable technology event with the particular event I was a part of focusing on disability and technology. I was asked to speak on my hand project but decided instead to focus on the sharing the idea of making prosthetics and other assistive devices beautiful. At the very end I briefly addressed my hand project and closed with the statement that I want the final product to become a fashion accessory.

That last part I made up on stage but everyone laughed at the idea. It gave me clarity on what I need to do: I need to make the idea that solving peoples struggles can be sexy, beautiful and engaging. Give any problem a bitta sugar and the medicine goes down.

– – –

Storytelling is the string tying us humans of every generation together. The medium changes format with new technologies, but the art form presists.

Working on my hand project, the one thing I’ve been trying to figure out is how to best tell the narrative. As a standalone project, it lacks the appeal necessary to captivate an audience.

– – –

I’m going to focus on fashion blogging. I am going to use it as a platform to tell my first story.

Changeing of the season. SummerChangeing of the season. Cool Evenings

For my initial post, why not start with something from the past?

I purchased the scarf below a few summers ago on a trip to New York. A friend and I decided to spend a day meandering the city indulging in libations and on one of our many stops we wandered into a vintage shop. This is where I saw the scarf.

I danced with her.
She dazzled me.

But ultimately I put the scarf back and we went on our way. Having bottom of the glass conversations, I told myself to trust my instincts.

I went back and scooped her up.
She brought about a great experience.

Changeing of the season. Dress-up SeasonChangeing of the season. Dress-up SeasonChangeing of the season. The silent prince of autumn

What is Coyote Flack Season anyways?

It’s an alter ego. I do a hip-hop podcast with a few friends and I want to bring some of that energy back over to my personal blog.

Coyote as a reminder that if it hadn’t been for being bold and getting the scarf, I would never had the amazing experience at Coyote Ugly in the LES. Flaco because I’m embracing the thin. And season … well, because I’m moving into the next evolution of my tale.

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Forgiving Myself

Forgiving Myself

I hold myself to a high standard. I want to achieve a lot in my life time. But too often I am hard on myself for not measuring up to my expectations.

I feeling like I constantly need to be working on something. I chastise myself for little things I say, interactions I could’ve done better or allowing myself to be attracted to things.

I’ve been told by others and I know myself that I need to less hard on myself. So here’s to easing up and forgiving myself. Life is beautiful, I am working towards my goals and thankful for everything I do have.

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Two Weeks In Spain

Cornelius Quiring Photography In Spain

I love photography but feel like an amateur at best. I also struggle to sit around and do nothing. So during my two week vacation in Spain, I spent the time on a practical course in picture taking to improve my skills.

Whether I was out and about with the family or with my youngest sister on a morning walk around town, I brought the camera and tried to snap something interesting. These photos are the ones I feel are my best work.

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From There To Here: 20 Hours In Transit

View of clouds looking out of a airplane

I just got back from a two week family vacation in Spain. Getting there and back is a specific experience almost everyone has been through and recognizes. I decided to document the process capturing moments people go through but may not always think about.

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Draped in Moroccan Fabrics

wearing a teal scarf from morocco

A friends recently visited Morocco and brought back this scarf. The fabric is soft, the colours are gorgeous and it feels amazing against my skin.

But is there a purpose or reason for these photos? Besides being an exercise in keeping at it and looking fabulous, nope.

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I’m headed to the sunny spanish coast in a few weeks

Brand New White Vans Off The Walls

Lets hope my legs aren't as white as my shoes when I get back.

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What I’m wearing

Cornelius Quiring. How I Like To Dress
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Moving on from the exoskeleton

A while ago a gentleman from the UK reached out to share his story with me. He’d been in a motorcycle accident that left him with an injury to his right hand. An injury very similar to mine: we both aren’t able to open our right hand at the knuckle joints.

Rather than start from scratch, he hired a team of specialists who created him a custom solution. Take a look at the photos below to see how it works.

Photo of Anton Truhan's splint

photos provided by Anton Truhan

What’s great about his splint is that it is low profile and simple. Unlike the exoskeleton that I’ve been working on, his has very little moving parts and generally the more moving parts, the more that can go wrong.

So rather than continue further down the road with my exoskeleton, I decided to switch lanes and try make my own version of his splint. I put it together, tried it out and it looks like it works for me too.

Watch the video below to see the results of my latest creation.

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