The hand project:

I am designing and building a hand attachment that will restore the functionality to my hand. This project is driven by design. I want it to be beautiful and different. I want it to stand out and spark discussion. This isn't about going back to what it was but moving forward and creating something new.

Joy in your day must be created

My day started at 2 am. It started at 2 am because I was scheduled in for a 4:30 am MRI.

— — —

I am trying to find out exactly what happened to my body as a result of the accident. A few weeks ago I did part one of the examination: a nerve conduction test. I was poked and prodded with needles throughout my right arm and shoulder to see which nerves reacted and which ones are dead in the water … or body.

Today, I was being scanned so that I can ‘see’ exactly what’s going on in my body.

— — —

Not wanting to be late, I arrived early and took a seat on the park bench next to the hospital.

“Want to buy some crack?” asked a rather rough looking gentleman.

“What’s that in your hand” he inquired with a rather forward tone.

A weathered woman was now walking in my direction. Perhaps it’s better I hang out in the waiting room.

Cornelius Quiring wearing a sexy blue hospital gown

Garbed up in the rather flattering gown above, I tried my best not to move. The key to a good MRI scan is to be as still as possible but fighting off a fit of allergetic coughs is a Herculean task when stuck in such a claustrophobic chamber. 45 minutes to think about not coughing.

And since my day job is so close to the hospital, I tried to grab a couple hours of sleep on the boardroom floor but kept waking every half hour from a nightmarish I-am-being-attacked-in-my-dreams-but-can’t-wake-up dream.

The other option would have been to go home just in time to go back to the office.

During the day the discussion at work revolved primarily around how death by global warming is imminent, all the while hacking up my lungs.

I went to see my sister in the evening and we discussed the struggles my little nephew will face entering the school system.

— — —

But joy is not found in a day, it must be created, no matter how small. So between leaving the office and going to my sisters, I picked up the chocolate of the gods: Ferrero Rocher. If nothing else, I wanted to share a little something sweet at the end of the day.

Walking home there was something refreshing in the light drizzle cooling me down and cleansing my face. I think everything’s going to be alright.

Posted in The hand project on September 10, 2014

I don’t have to start from scratch.

One of the unanticipated results of sharing my hand project has been advice in all forms or suggestions of who I should reach out to for some help. The later is how I met Dr Jacqueline Hebert. Dr Hebert uses super high-techy stuff at the University of Alberta to make better prosthetics for people with limb amputations.

After some back and forth, what I’ve learnt is that my hand project falls into the category of orthotics and it is considered a splint / brace. She also pointed me to the product pictured below which is pretty close to what I need. This glove is most often used by those who suffer from a stroke or brain injury and lose muscle control.

Exampleof splint I Am Going To Buy

This product confirms my belief that there is virtually no beauty in the world of healthcare ( more on this later ) but I will buy one so that I can reverse engineer it. Why reinvent the wheel, you know?

Posted in The hand project on July 23, 2014

I’ve gone back to pen and paper to design the next version of the hand project

Making a paper mock-up for the next version of the hand project
Posted in The hand project on June 25, 2014

This is the first version of the hand project that is showing real signs of progress

Posted in The hand project on June 20, 2014

My first 3D printed parts for the hand project came in.

First 3D print for the hand project
Posted in The hand project on June 1, 2014

First attempt at designing components to 3D print for the hand project

3D model for first version of the 3D printed hand glove
Posted in The hand project on May 20, 2014

It looks like Superelastic Nickel Titanium is just what I’m after.

Posted in The hand project on May 6, 2014

It’s okay to ask for help

Know why I haven’t been updating too much on the hand project? I’ve realized that I can’t do this all by myself and am reaching out for help. I’ve gotten in touch with a few of the universities in Toronto and initial discussions seem promising.

And truthfully, I could use some help from a technical perspective. I think what I can do best is make this thing aesthetically beautiful and unabashedly striking but could use a bit of help making it as functional as possible.

Posted in The hand project on April 15, 2014

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