My Brand

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Cornelius Quiring Blank Face
Cornelius Quiring Back
Cornelius Quiring Black and Maroon Cock Hat
Cornelius Quiring Black and White Cock Hat
Cornelius Quiring Maroon CQ cap
Cornelius Quiring small CQ golf cap
Cornelius Quiring Silent Prince Text
Cornelius Quiring Silent Prince Icon
Cornelius Quiring 647 Cap
Cornelius Quiring Not Defeated

My Logo

I designed my logo to embody the traits I exude: fashionable, confident and a healthy dose of silly.

The logo is, and I try to be, the cock of the walk.

My Uniform

A simple white t-shirt works with everything and makes for a clean look when I don't want to dress up.

After trying many shirts, I finally found a cut for my body type and branded them as my own.


Because I live in Toronto, part of the cellphone generation. The typeface is inspired by the type of the TTC.

Silent Prince

I record a podcast with two friends. We come up with monikers & a.k.a's much like the hip-hop artists we discuss. Silent Prince is one of mine.

Not Defeated

The first hat I ever designed, it was designed to be motivation of not being defeated by the accident I had as a child.