My Story

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Young Cornelius Quiring
Cornelius Quiring and Sibling on Buggy
Internation Cotton Picker Cornelius Quiring
Jacob and Cornelius Quiring Christmas in Springfield
Cornelius Quiring with Puppy Tyler
Cornelius Quiring playing Pond Hockey
Cornelius Quiring Go-Kart
Cornelius Quiring Go-Kart
Cornelius Quiring in Toronto
Cornelius Quiring Hand Project
Cornelius Quiring Without A Shirt


I was born in Paraguay and raised Mennonite. Yes … horse, buggy and everything you associate with my people.

The Accident

One sunny day at the age of three, my father, uncles and I were in the family fields. Due to an unfortunate series of events, this cotton harvester fell ontop of me, tearing several nerves on the right side of my body and atrophying the associated muscle groups.

This event has shaped who I am today.

A Land Far Away

At the age of five we moved to Canada. Life became a hybrid of our farming past and embracing Canadiana, like the game of hockey.


We moved back to Paraguay when I was ten. I got to choose our pet dog, Tyler.

Pond Hockey

Back in Canada for a second time, I fully embraced my love of hockey. I was on the pond, playing seven days a week.

Go Kart

In my teenage years I built and tinkered on several go-karts.

I documented the processes on my Geocities page. Making the page sprouted my interest in web development and design.


After high school I moved to Toronto and went to Humber College. The city is still my home today.

As an adult, and a by product of my accident, I dress fashionably.

The Hand Project

The largest effect of the accident has been my limited mobility in my right hand. I developed a glove like device that I can wear to compensate for the lost mobility.


What I've realized is that the years I spent working on my hand project was an effort in confronting and learning how to embrace my injury.