Cornelius Quiring

Reading Harlequin Romance: Taken by the Prince, Chapters 4 – 6

August 29, 2017

Let’s start with a quick summary of what we read last week. In the first three chapters we got to know the main character, the prince Saber now called Raul, his meanie of a father and king, Viscount Grimsborough and at the very end we met his love interest Victoria, a commoner who is real blonde hottie and doesn’t really care for him … surprise, surprise.

Turns out his dad had him with a woman from a land from far away, making him a bastard child (gasp). His father of course beats the crap out of him, helping to build a healthy hatred for dad and setting up for what can only be some awesome warfare down the road.

Raul goes off to school and comes back 10 years later a man. He meets Victoria and the 3rd chapter ends with him having to go to talk to pops, who, once again is writing a letter. When he isn’t beating his family, he’s writing letters.

I predicted things would get steamy in the first three chapters but seems I was rushing the action. These next three chapters though … damn! I found even myself getting a little “heated” in my loins.