Cornelius Quiring

Reading Harlequin Romance: Taken by the Prince, Chapters 19 – 21

October 3, 2017

Last week, our hunky Prince offered Victoria a “job” as his mistress but our spinster of course was very quick to deny the opportunity. They settled with having her educate his kinfolk.

Daily life in the castle is now Victoria’s existence. Escaping is futile so in her true rebellious self, she’s taken to redecorating the bedroom to her desire. Low key, Raul kinda digs it though.

Raul and Victoria get into another heated argument and that anger once more turns into passion. Our main man makes a move on our beloved prude and surprise, surprise, she is quick to rebuke him. Girl, you are giving even us readers blue balls. Geez.

There is also some general plot development .. blah blah blah.