October 3, 2017

Reading Harlequin Romance: Taken by the Prince, Chapters 19 – 21
Harlequin Romance

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Last week, our hunky Prince offered Victoria a “job” as his mistress but our spinster of course was very quick to deny the opportunity. They settled with having her educate his kinfolk.

Daily life in the castle is now Victoria’s existence. Escaping is futile so in her true rebellious self, she’s taken to redecorating the bedroom to her desire. Low key, Raul kinda digs it though.

Raul and Victoria get into another heated argument and that anger once more turns into passion. Our main man makes a move on our beloved prude and surprise, surprise, she is quick to rebuke him. Girl, you are giving even us readers blue balls. Geez.

There is also some general plot development .. blah blah blah.

September 26, 2017

Reading Harlequin Romance: Taken by the Prince, Chapters 16 – 18
Harlequin Romance

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Finally some action this week now that our heroine has been “Taken by the Prince.” Things heat up a bit. It’s a bit of a tease though, there is not nearly as much action as I would have hoped for.

Also, the baddies have a hanging just for the fun of it you. You know … as one does for a fun evening jolly. It certainly does a good job of getting us readers to hate the villains so I guess it serves a purpose.

Have a listen though. Any action is better than no action.

September 19, 2017

Reading Harlequin Romance: Taken by the Prince, Chapters 13 – 15
Harlequin Romance

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This week, we start off at the ball. Prim and proper Victoria is chaperoning the two girls in her care and guess who’s there: Raul Lawrence!!!!

The event starts to get a bit rowdy because some hooligans showed up and our leading lady gets caught up in the mess, doesn’t rescue the kids, but manages to escape … not much of a chaperon, huh? She runs out of the hotel and finds herself in a stable.

While in the stable, she gets taken!!! Finally the title of the book makes sense. Who took her? Well, that one’s pretty easy to figure out.


September 12, 2017

Reading Harlequin Romance: Taken by the Prince, Chapters 10 – 12
Harlequin Romance

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This week we catch up with the hero of our tale, Raul Lawrence, who has been hanging out in Moricadia for a few years now, plotting how he is going to take the throne of the country that is “rightfully” his.

We also learn about why he had to leave the country in the first place.

How has he been plotting? Well, he’s been making money gambling on horses, hoodwinking other dumb dumbs, building an army and scoping out the landscape.

Mr. Lawrence also has a run in with one of his enemies. Gasp.

Oh, and he’s been laying pipe, as a gentleman of course. However, turns out Raul’s head also goes into a real tizzy when he thinks about Victoria.

Last week and this week have been a real calm before the storm because at the very end of this weeks’ chapters, the scene is set for action!

September 5, 2017

Reading Harlequin Romance: Taken by the Prince, Chapters 7 – 9
Harlequin Romance

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A quick recap of last week:

Our hero, Raul, had to go see pop-pop in his office and of course they got into another argument. Raul tells dad that he’s leaving town, heading back to his real momma’s home country to regain his rightful throne.

But, before he leaves, he goes to a ball cause he wants to see our leading lady, Victoria. Where does he find her? In the dark, angry and vulnerable after having had some creep guy try to get with her. What does our hero do? Take advantage of the situation of course. He picks her up out of anger (from his earlier meeting with papa) holding her over the balcony and then starts making out with her!

Victoria has really conflicting emotions because she hates him but it’s also super hot.

Now … onto this weeks action.

August 29, 2017

Reading Harlequin Romance: Taken by the Prince, Chapters 4 – 6
Harlequin Romance

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In the first three chapters we got to know the main character, the prince Saber now called Raul, his meanie of a father and king, Viscount Grimsborough and at the very end we met his love interest Victoria, a commoner who is real blonde hottie and doesn’t really care for him … surprise, surprise.

Turns out his dad had him with a woman from a land from far away, making him a bastard child (gasp). His father of course beats the crap out of him, helping to build a healthy hatred for dad and setting up for what can only be some awesome warfare down the road.

Raul goes off to school and comes back 10 years later a man. He meets Victoria and the 3rd chapter ends with him having to go to talk to pops, who, once again is writing a letter. When he isn’t beating his family, he’s writing letters.

August 23, 2017

Reading Harlequin Romance: Taken by the Prince, Chapters 1 – 3
Harlequin Romance

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I decided to get into a bit of reading and nothing but some spicy romance would do. While reading, I couldn’t help but offer up a bit of commentary.