Cornelius Quiring

One week in Aylmer

August 18, 2016

At the end of July, @margarita.quiring and I spent a week meandering our hometown of Aylmer before she left for a year of travel in Australia … and beyond. During the week, I shot a roll of black and white film documenting our time.

driving the uHaul
Before we made our way to Aylmer, we picked up a uHaul and loaded up her belongings to store at mommas while she’s gone.
packing up apartment
East Elgin Secondary School
We made a pitstop at our old high school. This week was about memories after all.
Going through vintage vinyl at the Aylmer Sales Barn
Going through vintage vinyl at the Aylmer Sales Barn. The Sales Barn happens every Tuesday and is a good place to go Mennonite spotting.
Raspberry Picking
Momma’s garden was in full bloom so we took advantage and enjoyed the fruits of her labour. Literally. I also gave her one of my hats, well, because, I want my brand to go international.
Momma Bear
Momma Bear
Ordering at a food truck
Aylmer has a new Thai food truck so naturally we had to investigate this big change in our small town.
Legends Bar and Grill, St. Thomas
One town over — St. Thomas — is home to Legends Bar & Grill, famous for their wings. Running down memory lane required us to stop by.
Packing Up
Packing up … deciding what to bring.
backpack greyhound station
Her whole world on her back … and ready to take on the world.