Cornelius Quiring

Behind the scenes at the studio

October 25, 2016

Allow me to zoom out a little, show you a glimpse beyond the curtains and give you a photography tip to go.

I shoot mostly with natural sunlight pouring in my studio and the more I do, I learn how much photography really is about lighting. With winter on its way, the lower sun really sheds in a lot of light, but it’s harsh, like a harpoon. Eek.

I taped some silver wrapping paper on a big picture frame and now have a rudimentary photography reflector. The shiny, slightly coarse texture defuses the light and reflects softened rays back into the scene. Think of it as a blanket of light. Mmm.

The only thing to do now, is choose where to bounce the light to.

See the difference?

soft lighting done cheap with silver wrapping paper

So next time you’re snapping a pic on your phone, take one extra second and consider the light.

Lesson over, here’s the …

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