Cornelius Quiring

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October 27, 2016

Last Night

Thanks to a last minute invitation, I was afforded the opportunity to see yesterday’s Toronto Raptors inaugural season game. In great seats too. Thank you spirits that aligned to make that happen.

This Morning

Inspired by the shirt they gave out, I did a bit of research and learned these red and blue 3D graphics are called Anaglyph’s. They’re also fairly simple to make in Photoshop.

The shirt is a size large. I normally fit in a small, so I cut it up, made sure the sponsor logos were removed and then finished the raw edges on my serger.

I’ve made myself a Kanye Shirt.


It’s very comfortable, but I may not wear the shirt alone if I’m going out. I paired it with a fitted long sleeve & jeans and suddenly it looks fairly respectable.

Todays Jam

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