Cornelius Quiring

A critical analysis of Art, Poetry & Prose

December 4, 2016

Our night of Art, Poetry and Prose happened last night and we received a positive response. The energy in the room was very embracing and the diversity of creative talent to the people in attendance all helped make it a special night.

The work of Anita Quansah, as represented by Michele
The work of Anita Quansah, as represented by Michele
Postcards by TTC Streetveiw
Postcards by TTC Streetview
Paintings By Kate DaGreat
Paintings of LifeByK8

Thank you to Sophia, Rahil and Michele for speaking at the event.

Thank you to Joel for providing the music for the evening.

— — —

Like anything in life, there is always room for improvement and ruminating over the event for the last twenty-four hours, the following three areas are what I hope to improve on for the next event.

Managing My Expectations

I put in countless hours writing, editing and developing the story I told. I let my effort turn into a need for it to be a big deal. As an artist, after I’ve produced my work, it is up to the audience to interpret and engage but for about an hour after my presentation, the clouds could have parted and a booming voice congratulating me wouldn’t have been enough.

It was selfish thinking and receiving positive feedback throughout the night, I realized my success wasn’t my story but curating a night of creativity and a diverse group of beautiful souls.

Technical Aspects Of Running The Show

There are many little things I want to improve next time and I can’t be too harsh on myself in this department. These are things I can only learn with time.

  • I should have spent more time preparing my speech as the MC for the night.
  • Making sure there is music available as SOON as the show is over.
  • Have the event set up at least a day before. In general, I need to communicate with the artists and presenters more leading up to an event to minimize mistakes, guess work and neglecting to call up a speaker!
  • Water. Have a large jug of some sort so the people can stay hydrated.

Direction For Future Events

This is less of a criticism of the event we just ran but moving forward, there needs to be a vision for the night. I need to better understand what we are doing. I intentionally left it vague and open but that translated to the audience. People weren’t quite sure what we were doing and didn’t engage as much as I’d hoped.

— — —

I am pleased with how the night went and label it a success. I definitely want to grow the idea of these nights, but I will be focusing on the aforementioned.

Michele speaking

Rahil Speaking

Cornelius Quiring Speaking

Sophia Speaking

A night of art, poetry and prose

Talking about Jewelery

Kate hugging a mannequin

Joel DJing