Cornelius Quiring

Back to basics

January 20, 2017

I’ve learnt to go back to the basics everyday. I find if I make sure to focus on the fundimentals, everything else falls into place.


Get up at the same time. Proper diet. Eat early and a lot, tappering as the day progresses. Plenty of water. Wind down with stretches and go to bed at the same time so I get plenty of rest.



A few weeks in, I am realizing I am the student. I must teach myself the material through and through before I can plan a lesson. Break everything down to the basics and let the students build off that.


I am slowly rebuilding my closet, focusing on the classics. I am more interested in form than flair. A neutral palette instead of trendy shades.

Song Of The Day

Song: The Greatest
Artist: King
Genre: Pop

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