Cornelius Quiring

Professor Cornelius Quiring

January 10, 2017

I had my first two classes yesterday. I went in feeling anxious because I had no clue what to expect. I spent the time introducing myself, got to know them and expanded on my theory of design (Design is storytelling). I left feeling overwhelmed but confident that I am up to the task.

After 24 hours of reflection, there are three things I will need to focus on.


In order to offer my best, I will need to keep a strict plan of action that I return to and constantly reenforce. It will mean some students feel under engaged while others are overwhelmed however if I don’t, I will lose control and offer nothing to any of them.


I have never seen so many blank stares and I don’t blame them. I need to experiment with how I encourage dialogue and interaction that is productive to the class.


There’s an art to talking to a group of people. I need practise.

— — —

However … I’ll look great taking on the challenge!

Professor Cornelius Quiring

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