Cornelius Quiring

Tailoring the sleeves of a button up shirt

April 3, 2017

Mass production is why I can buy a shirt for twenty bucks. Mass production also means that everything is made to fit as many people as possible. Boxy waists wrap around the rotund while sleeves are long enough to cover the arms of a baller.

Over the last few years I have been tailoring everything I buy, but only by taking in the the waist. I’ve been gun shy at tailoring the actual sleeves, it’s a considerably more complicated job. I’ve gotten tired of rocking wizard sleeves and decided to take on the challenge. I’m glad I did.

While I was at it, I also improved my waist tailoring.

Button up shirt sleeve before tailoring
Gandalf would be proud. The sleeves pre-tailoring.
Button up shirt taken apart
The shirt taken apart.
Button up shirt sleeve after tailoring
Sorry Gandy, imma let you keep your style, I’m tailoring all my sleeves moving forward.