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Acid Washing A Pair of Denim Pants … Gone Wrong

June 19, 2017

I’ve been wanting to make a pair of acid washed jeans for a while, so why not now? I started by picking up a pair of cheap jeans from my local thrift store. They were a straight cut so I tapered the legs. Perfect.

Next I prepped a bleach solution in my bathtub and let them sit in there for the day. Instead of turning white, they became yellow. Turns out one reason these jeans are so cheap is because the natural brown cotton fabric wasn’t pre-bleached before adding the blue dye.


I doubled down. I bought a larger bottle of bleach and made a much more concentrated solution. Instead of removing the yellow, the fabric disintegrated!

Lesson learned.

Edit: I eventually got it right →

Original Joe Fresh Denim Pants

Tapering a pair of denim pants

Bleaching Jeans in the Bathtub

Bleached Denim Pants that turned Yellow

Over bleached jeans and the fabric disintegrated